Aqua Style or Submerge Style (水没スタイル, Suibotsu sutairu) is a Combo Mode ability which is induced by the Gifted with the Gift of Incineration. Several monsters also possesses this ability. It generally adds Fire-elemental damage to all combos.


Aqua Style has a power of 16(Attack) while 68(Water), making it has full force of 85 in total( [10% of element] + Attack +Element). It is set to have the outmost maximum combo hits of 6 for Elementalists while undefine number of capabilities by it's other adapt users. It is the second most powerful(in Magick) after Umbra Style. It is also the longest range of all the Elemental Styles. The hit range is varies by the user's size, added with the Sliprain magick original range's(10 ft - 19 ft for Marryl).


Aqua Style consists of six combo attacks. The first attack is that the Elementalist draws some water from the ground(or water for better potency)  and then 'throws' them in a grappling style to the target. The second strike is that they spins around while conjuring some circular-spinning wheel of water around them, it may knockbacks any enemies around the user(thus Circumferential hit style) while continued with the third hit with a throwback water attack to the enemy in front, it's hit style becomes Piercing and have knockback attribute. The fourth hit is that the user raises from the ground, a strong geyser to damage the target, it hit's style is Uppercut. The fifth combo is that the Elementalist holds the after-geyser water(which are still in mid air) to strike the opponent beneath them like a heavy rain, it's hit style becomes Blasting, which damage all enemies in a small area. The sixth and last strike is that the user blast any enemies in front of them using a strong torrential blast(like a cannon), it's hit style becomes pseudonal Piercing and Blasting, which damage all enemies extending line in front of the user withing a small area.


  • The Aqua Style is the most identical to any of the waterbending moves in Avatar: The Last Airbender, which are highly exclusive moves for Waterbender characters such as Katara and Master Pakku.
  • Aqua Style has the most variation in each combo hits of hit styles, since water are mostly used in a splashy manner, it is directively a spillover to anything that it befells onto.