"The diplomatic endurance of every one of us to validate this school having the most achievements! Let us see which one of us can step up, and claim the honor of it!"

—Azure High Principal/Chansellor, Madam Zul-Kifl

Azure City Secondary or more stereotypically called as "Azure High" by the students and the citizens of Azure City, is an enormously famous private high school situated in the very center of Azure City. Due to the school being a private high school, only the students that have been given the scholarship can attend the school, with the loose exception for some would-be students that is the original residents of Azure City.

Sage KnowledgeEdit

"This school has harbor milions of students into the vision and mission that has been planted since it's fertile state. Now, anyone who has the management for all the students may lead Azure City to its glory again, even surpassing other bigger countries."

Bridge's Hope Library

"Harboring the millions of gifted students along with their Instructors, to finish and achieve the school's ultimate vision and mission. And becoming one of the greatest institude of learning and foundation to raise the future leaders of extraordinary talents."

Havenswall Library