Azure City Secondary has a plenty of areas which the duelers can battle. But some of the areas also directs them towards outer areas which are not under the school's supervision. Yet most of them are used as a secret training ground or a missionary combat grounds.

In battles, the duelers are allowed to use any sort of skills, magic or items. But only as a primary and a sub abilities. Since items are not categories as actual 'skills', techniques and magics are the only prominent usage in battle.


Brine FensEdit

A marsh area which the Water specialist's favourite kind of deluged terrain. It is flooded with a highly dense water that they had brewed with a special mixture of both waves and waterfalls.

  • Water elements are empowered by 23%.
  • Earth elements are slowed by 23%.
  • Wind elements are weaken by 20%.
  • Tenders has a lot of advantage to attack here since this area is overgrown by plants.

Solar PeakEdit

A high cliff hanging in between of the Volg Mountains that the Fire specialist come to take the heat. The cliff seems to have absorbed the sun's light that one's breathing can create blaze.

  • Fire elements are empowered by 16%.
  • Wind elements are strengthen by 25%.
  • Earth elements are totally unusable here.
  • Ice elements are enfeebled by 50%
  • Horizon Weavers has better edge of battle here since of the sun's and the horizon in a perfect position.

Jolt FieldEdit

Electrostatic field of pure shocking power which grants the Lightning specialist charges. The field is like a lightningrod and even withdrew lightning from the ground.

  • Lightning elements are empowered by 42%.
  • Lightning elements are hasten by 10%.
  • Wind elements are strengthen by 25%.
  • Ice elements are slowed by 10%.
  • Water elements are totally unusable here.
  • Anemos and Spiraller has much potent power here because of the windy weather.