Boulder Crush (玉石秋, Tamaishi aki) or Boulder Fall(sometimes spelled Boulderfall) in the Japanese translation, is a magick ability under the...

In the series, Boulder Crush is a magickal conjuration in which the Elementalist (may) take out a small pebble or some hard dirt and then chant something onto it. Then, they throws it up in mid air while chanting again to summon a large boulder to fall onto the target. The boulder will stay in existance if they actually crushing the target under them.


  • Hence their name, Boulder Crush ability is based from it's glory by the Elementalist jobs in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.
  • Although officially known as Boulder Crush, the users in the series prefer using it's other name, Boulderfall. In which the name is the original naming for the Boulder Crush ability in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.