The Burn (燃やす, Moyasu) is a type of status ailment commonly inflicted by Fire  elemental spells and abilities varying with the probability. They are not to be confused with the Scorched status.

The Degree Heat and Hell Aura abilities are the only known Fire -elemental ability to solely inflicts the Burn status. Other Fire -type abilities may also inflicts it, but usually needs a high enough Focus and the targets' weakness to Fire.

Any units under the Burn status current have their body on fire. Their Focus are decreased dramatically and their Synch are dispelled.

The status may be broken by:

  • Water element will douse the fire, but worsen the target's Latency for a while.
  • Rolling on or contacting with water, rain or other terrain with fluids.

The status becomes Scorched if:

  • They target is affected by Wind-elemental abilities, which makes the blaze burns them with stronger flames.
  • Air-type Weather element which also makes the blaze burns them with stronger flames.

The unit may recovers naturally from Burn status. But usually leaves them with the minor Scorched status.