Butterfly Wings or Everlife Wonder (蝶の羽, Chō no hane/ エバーライフ不思議, Ebāraifu fushigi) or Afterlife Wonder in Japanese translation, is a highly exclusive Support Ability.


Butterlfy Wings or Everlife Wonder increases the number of buffs bestowed on allies while also increases the number of debuffs inflicted on enemies.

The buffs or debuffs number may increases from 1 additional effect up to 3 effects.

With the number of concurrences, the chance to inflicts more statuses will decrease.


This Support Ability only reacts to certain buff bestowing and debuff inflicting abilities. If the ability inflicts a specific or various of statuses, Butterfly Wings will create a concurrence with it.

Buff/Debuff First Concurrence (33% chance) Second Concurrence (25% chance) Final Concurrence (10% chance)
Berserk Confused Quickened
Blinded Stagger Confused Trauma
Infatuated Knockback Downed None
Doomed Trauma Berserk Delusional
Confused Slowed Berserk Infatuated
Cursed Slowed Stopped None
Infected Poisoned Miasma Slowed
Disabled Immobilized Slowed Agitated
Downed Knockback None None
Frozen Frostbite None None
Pertificating None None Stone
Immobilized Slowed Agitated None
Poisoned Hypochondria None Miasma
Sap None Agitated None
Silenced Delayed None Muted
Minimized Agitated Slowed Delayed
Sleep None Slowed Delayed
Slowed None None Delayed
Stopped None Delayed


  • Like in the famous belief in which butterfly wings are regarded as both chaos and peace(hence the chaos theory). One flap would cause horrible disasters or misery while another flap will cause peace and happiness.
  • Everlife wonder however, is derived from the most trusted religious beliefs, in which our life will ends in the afterlife world. Then, the rest of our afterlife will be guided and judged by heaven or hell.