The Convalescence (平癒, Heiyu) is a term that refers to a condition in which a recently revived or resurrected unit is regaining their HP whilst 'waking up'. Units under Convalescence is still weak and vulnerable before they may get back on their feet. Convalescence is a type of condition, and should be confused as a type of Status Effect.


When a unit is revived or resurrected, their body is still weak after their recent fall. Convalescence allows them to rest and restores their HP, MP, SP and Focus while still practically Downed. While in Convalescence, the unit may stay rested to restore themselves back to perfect health. When they recovered completely(HP), they'll get back on their feet almost lightning-fast.

Still, if the player wishes the unit under Convalescence to get back on their feet instantly, they may switch to the unit and move to get them to stand. This however, just allows them to stand up slowly and weakly.


  • Convalescence refers to the state of regaining one's health and strength after a certain illness. This may be define as psychological rather than biological, since not everyone can experience it.
  • Convalescence's is derived from the "Convalesce" Warrior Skill in Pokemon Conquest. Although it is ultimately based from it, it is still called as "平癒" (Heiyu/Convalescence) rather than "はつらつ" (Hatsuratsu/Young at heart or Vigorous) in the Japanese prototype and final version.