The Downed (撃墜, Gekitsui) is a type of effect debuff popularly known to make the unit stumble to the ground and lay on them.

The effect may be inflicted to any party. This effect changes effect against Flying units to makes them crash.


Downed status makes the unit to lay on the ground, either not even trying to get up or just unable to get up.

Downed status's longevity varies on the unit's size and weight and fitness. Gravitize and Degravitize status also affects it.

Downed status usually comes from heavy impacts of Stagger , Flinched and Knockback or stumbling against something. Attacking a Stun target with a heavy damage or a strong enough impact against them also promotes Downed.

A suddenly killed Downed characters will always either Mistify or Soulify, depends on the situation.

Simply put, downed makes the unit to lay on the ground, partially conscious or comprehensively unable to get up. In some terms, their limbs and muscles feels numb thta they can't really move.


  • Like most games, Downed status can be negated simply by pressing the 'Jump' button. This is called the 'recovery', a common feature against Downed in most Action-RPG games.