Drizzle is a type of weather in which the current state of the area is humid enough.


Drizzle is a type of condition in which the weather may be slightly sunny, clouded or completely shrouded by mists. Drizzle usually cause misty splash and sprays of water.


Drizzle's condition may cause the decreasing of the humanoid character's Focus. Movement speed may also be decreased if the drizzle condition is combined with windy.

While drizzle are the least harmless amongst all of the percipitations, drizzle may cause the unit's Focus to be dramatically and insistently decreased by(if) its consecutive splashy effects.


Drizzle condition would gradually yet weakly restores HP of any unit who tolerates Water elemental effects. This is approved with units who also Halves and Immune to Water.

Drizzle randomly increases the potency of Water-elemental abilities in range of 5% till 12%.

Drizzle's Focus decreasing property is ignored by units who are Immuned to Water.


Even though that drizzle are weather-type effects, drizzle may be caused by the splashes of the coastline.

Several weather-type Water spells may also creates the same effect as Drizzle.


  • Drizzle is common known as 'misty splash' to the local tongue. In the series, all of the characters refer to Drizzling weather as 'windy splash' and the slang 'splooshe' by most childrens.