Elemental Shift (元素転換, Genso tenkan) or Elemental Turning in the Japanese translation, is a weather-type magick ability introduced and highly exclusively for the Elementalist class. It is known to randomly shifts and adds the elemental resistances of several enemies in a small area.

In the series, Elemental Shift is a photon-type magick. The user cast it by praying to the sky while chanting the spell. Then, some aurorae-like rays while falls down on the target in the same time 'shifting' their natural colors as well as their elemental resistance. The ability is not highly favorable, since the effects are randomized.

Elemental Shift only shifts and adds elemental resistances of several enemies in a small area. The ability is best used with the status; Seer. So that allies may see what elemental resistances and affinity they have. Elemental Shift can be reflected , yet it can be Magick Countered but not Rebound.

Elemental Shift works quite differently. If the target is wearing a gear which grants them to Absorb, Nullify or Halves certain elemental damage or property, the elemental resistance won't be shifted, only added with a random elemental weakness, nullification or resisting or even absorption. This makes Elemental Shift not as reliable as Natural Shift, since they change the target's elemental resistance randomly, while the Natural Shift ability shifts their elemental weakness to the last elemental damage they received. Since they also adds up elemental resistance, monsters who are(other than having elemental resistances to Holy, Photon, Blood, Sound, Psychic, Dimension and Spatial damage) or not having any elemental resistance, will only adds a random elemental resistance.


  • Hence their name, Elemental Shift ability is based from it's glory by the Elementalist jobs in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.
  • Unlike how it was supposed to be, Elemental Shift's feature has added with the elemental resistance addition, in which the ability may turns any tide of battle like a flip of a card.