"The emmissary of the elements who controls the power over nature and rule over who are unfathomably weak against them."

—Wikia Description


The Elementalist is a Rare Class in School Fare series. Elementalists uses a variety of nature's power to use elemental magicks. Elementalists have total access to the Synergist role since their abilities are consist of offensive, healing and status-inducing variants. Their Versatility is considered Great.

Elementalist's abilities are all small area-of-effect range, yet they do not cost too much MP nor have too long for a cast time. Their abilities's range isn't too flexible, but make up for having short Latency. Elementalists are great Mid-liner Support, in both offense and crowd-control.

Notable Elementalist is our very own Marryl Sheffield, followed by other Neutralists such as Paige Lyrasky, Vannessa Ferguson and Whim Yorkshire.


Move Jump Evasion Unarmed Attack Resilience HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Latency Spd
C D C 10 35 D B D D C C Average 43%



Elementalists may use their special attacks if they set their respective Elementalism magick then immediately performing any normal attacks with specific equipments. If the combo right after the magick hits even once, they will immediately perform the skill just like a Chain-Ability.

Skill Type Property Specification Damage Effect Hits
Flaming Style Attack Whip /Fire Deals four combo hits with Firewhip in succession. C Fire -elemental combos 4
Whirlwind Style Attack Katana /Wind Deals seven combo hits with Shining Air in succession. D Wind -elemental combos 7
Umbra Style Magick Soul  /Dark Deals five combo hits with Evil Gaze in succession. B Dark -elemental combos 5
Fissure Style Attack/Magick Knuckle /Earth Deals four combo hits with Boulder Crush in succession. C Earth -elemental combos 4
Aqua Style Magick Glove /Water Deals six combo hits with Sliprain in succession. D Water -elemental combos 6
Plasma Style Magick Staves /Lightning Deals five to six combo hits with Thunderous Roar in succession. The sixth combo only hits during cloudy or rainy weather. B-Varies Lightning -elemental combos 5-6
Natural Shift Attack-Magick Magick Deals five combo hits to a single enemy with Elemental Shift. Only combo when the first strike hits. F-Varies Randomly shifts the target's elemental weakness 5


"Using nature's power to rule over the bounty of corruptors."

Skill Effect Skill Point to Master MP Cost Rank
Firewhip Deals Fire damage and may inflicts Stagger to several enemies within attack range. Learned 10 I
Earth Heal Heals descent HP to a single ally using Earth-elemental magick. Learned 9 I
White Flame Heals moderate HP to several allies in a small area using Fire-elemental magick. 350 18 I
Shining Air Deals Wind damage and may inflicts Flashed or Blind to a several enemies in a small area. 250 10 I
Evil Gaze Deals Dark damage and may inflicts Confuse , Trauma or Delusional to several enemies in short sight range in front of user. 250 10 I
Boulder Crush Deals Earth damage and usually inflicts Stumped to several enemies in a small area. 200 10 I
Sliprain Deals Water damage and usually inflicts Sink to several enemies in a small area. 200 10 I
Thunderous Roar Deals Lightning damage and may inflicts Stagger to a single enemy. 300 10 I
Elemental Shift Randomly shifts and adds the elemental resistances of several enemies in a small area. 400 26 II
Dragonic Prominence Summons a dragon made of fire. The dragon will trashes about while 'dancing' in form of arcs, appearing similar to a prominence. Inflicts massive Fire damage to all enemies it hit. 500 34 III
Rogue Tsunami Summons a surge of water around the user. Then, pulverizing the ground to cause the water to rose high like a tsunami. Inflicts heavy Water damage to all enemies and knocks them away. 500 III
Falling Subsidence Invokes the earth's wrath with sheer ferocity. The ground will be subsided and the subsidence will 'pop' off the ground. They will fall onto the ground again. Inflicts massive Earth damage to all enemies crushed by the subsidence. 600 III
Whirling Tornadoes Spins and conjures a whirlwind, then releasing it away in the user's direction. The whirlwind will increases in size drastically and causes all to be 'spin-cycled' and blown away. Inflicts heavy Wind damage to all enemies it hit and toss them away in random directions. 550 III
Devouring Eye Summons an eerie bloody ball that vaguely resembles a mouth. It will then chases the nearest enemy. When it caught them, it will opens it's mouth and then shock them with the eye insides. Later, it will 'munch' its victim. Inflicts massive damage to units with eyes. 600 III
Ambrosial Weed Summons a grassy terrain that is lush of flowers and berries. The terrain will heal all allies who steps onto them by increasing their HP regeneration. If the user equips Natural Ability, Ambrosial Weed may removes a whole variety of debuffs. The Ambrosial Weed is present for a few random minutes, has HP equivalent to 30% of the user's HP and is considered a Amazon-elemental summon. 500 III
Astral Lighting Invokes an electrifying force in space. A few moments later, a electrical surge will 'rain down' from the sky, hitting random units in a large area. If it hits allies, it doesn't deal any damage, but may inflicts Stun or Downed instead. Inflicts heavy Lightning damage to all enemies it hit and inflicts Stun. 600 III
Secret Entity Inflicts a single buff on any allies while a single debuff on any foe in range. 800 46 IIII


Skill Effect LP To Master
Serenity Chant * Next elemental damage will either be nullified or absorbed. 450
Shifting Wind Receiving any elemental damage will be countered with Elemental Shift and then an elemental counter-attack varies with the elemental resistance shifted. 450
Environmental Affinity Any elemental ability used by an ally nearest to the user will have the user uses a similar elemental powers. 500
  • Serenity Chance only reacts to any elemental effects that damages the user's HP by either Normal, Halves or Weak to it.


Skill Effect LP To Master
Sagacity Increases Resistance and Resilience by 20%. 400
Shamanism Increases Magick and Focus by 20%. 300
Arcana Decreases magick cast time by 20%, increases magick damage by 25%. MP cost is doubled 600
Assist Synchronize Increases Synch with all party members when healing, bestowing buff or receiving buffs from allies for 1 whole minute. 350
Mana Force Gains MP equivalent to the MP cost of the magick used on this unit. 400
Reservoir Decreases both MP and SP costs by 10%. Increases MP and SP regeneration when idle or taking cover by 30%. 400

Unique SupportEdit

Skill Effect LP To Master
Nature's Bliss Increases natural items and foraging potency by 25%. Affects the whole party. 200
Natural Ability Increases Attack, Strength and Magick when fighting on a natural terrain by 30%. 300
Natural Resistance Significantly increases Resistance by 40% after receiving elemental damage for roughly 1 minute. 350
Butterfly Wings Using Secret Entity may bestow more buffs and inflict debuffs on allies and enemies. 400
Nature Triad Increases Synch and Focus by 50% when in a party of Elementalist, Geomancer and Aetherist only). 400


  • School Fare's Elementalists are complete copies of Elemetalists from Final Fantasy Tactics A2.
  • Most of Elementalists' feature have been bring back yet somewhat improved from it's fallen glory since Final Fantasy Tactics A2.