Environmental Affinity (環境への親和性, Kankyō e no shinwa-sei) is a direct ally related reaction skill highly favorable Reaction Skill exclusive to Elementalist class.

Environmental Affnity reacts to any similar corresponding elemental magick used by an ally. The user will use similar elemental-property magick known by them. The user casts the spell on the last target that the ally targeted.

Note that Environmental Affinity will only reacts to any magick that are in the Elementalist's elemental affinity. They are;

  • Fire with Firewhip
  • Water with Sliprain
  • Earth with Boulder Crush
  • Dark with Evil Gaze
  • Wind with Shining Air
  • Lightning with Thunderous Roar

Even so, the user would not casts corresponding magick if the target is too far or the user is Silenced or Blinded.

The user only triggers the Reaction Skill if the ally is casting their spell within Melee-range. The MP consumption is doubled however, yet the power are constant. Cast time are slightly longer, but it is seamless.

The power of the magick on trigger are also doubled if the ally uses Elementalist's magicks.


  • Environmental Affinity works best if multiply Elementalists are in the party.