Evil Gaze (悪魔の眼差し, Akuma no manzashi) or Demon Gaze in the Japanese translation, is a illusion-type magick ability introduced and exclusively for the Elementalist class. It is known to be a Dark-elemental damaging ability which may inflicts Confuse , Trauma or Delusional to all enemies in a short sight range in front of the user.

In the series, Evil Gaze is a magick in which the user casts an illusion using their gaze. The illusion varies with different target's mentality. The user may not see the effect clearly, as it may only be witnessed by the targeted victims.

Evil Gaze magick has the base power of 58, it's power is intensity vary, it's power varies by intensity, the target's individual value. The ability hits any enemies within a short sight range style, it has illusion-type effect, which varies differently based on the enemies. Evil Gaze cannot be reflected , yet it cannot be Magick Countered but may be Rebound.


  • Hence their name, Evil Gaze ability is based from it's glory by the Elementalist jobs in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.