Fire (炎, Honō?) is a recurring element in the School Fare series. It is one of the earliest elements introduced. Fire is often mistaken to be a product of Atomic and Novae element. Instead, Fire is actually formed by common combustion, hence reaction with oxygen, fuel and heat.


Fire is often in a form of extra hot heat which ranges from yellow to blue flames. Fire elements may leaves the targets with Burn, Scorched  and even Ash if they are burnt long enough or inflicted by an extraordinarily powerful Fire-elemental ability.

Fire is the opposition of Ice , Water , Wind and Amazon .

Fire may melts any Frozen or Frostbite and Rimed targets regardless of sides, yet deals no damage when that happens.

Fire-elemental units are weak to Water , which douses their power(reduces Strength and Magick and sometimes Speed) and even inflicts Downed on them.

Fire spells which are still burning something or still in the air are easily dispelled by Wind or Water elements. Lightning effect makes them explodes instead.

Fire elemental deals heavy or outrageously massive damage to Amazon property or elemental units. Any units who are under the Plant Class or even the typical Tender usually Flinches away from Fire elementals.

Fire elements power are doubled if the targets are inflicted with Oil status.

Fire elements deals lesser damage to targets inflicted with Soaked status.

Fire-elemental heals Fire elemental target or any unit under the Phoenix status.

Healing Fire-elemental abilities heals target varies with their Resistance to Fire elements.

Although Fire elemental damages deals solely Fire damage, some of them may be improved with the simultaneous colision with Novae damage.