Firewhip (火災ラッシュ, Kasai rasshu) or Fire Lash in the Japanese version translation, is a weapon-based like magick abilities introduced and exclusively for the Elementalist class. It is known to be a Fire-elemental magick which may inflicts Stagger on the hit target.

In the series, Firewhip magick is formed by having the user conjure up a flaming burst of fire from their enclosed hand which are seemingly in grip of some thing with a hilt. The user will pull out a magickal, fiery whip which may extends as long as they could possibly extend it. The passive use is that teh user throws a fire ball in mid air while it forms itself into a whip or lash to strike at the opponent. The fire's intensity is somewhat very similar to fire whips used in oddballs. Firewhip magick has the base power of 50. Firewhip automatically inflicts either heavy or critical damage depending on the area's consistency of oxygen, while always inflicts heavy damage to enemies which have the ability to unleashes toxical fumes. Firewhip can be reflected , yet it can be Magick Countered and even Rebound.


  • Hence their name, Firewhip ability is based from it's glory by the Elementalist jobs in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.