Fissure Style or Quake Style (地震スタイル, Jishin sutairu) is a type of combo ability. It is regarded as a set-up for a much more prominent and passive Earth-elemental combo attacks.


Whirlwind Style has a power of 32(Attack) while 42(Earth), making it has full force of 78 in total( [10% of element] + Attack +Element). It is set to have the outmost maximum combo hits of 4 for Elementalists while random number and varies for it's other adapt users. It is also the only Elemental Style to highest Attack which is excellent when Critical Hit. The hit range is varies by the user's size, added with the Shining Air magick original range's(4 ft - 10 ft for Marryl).


Fissure Style consists of four combo attacks. The first attack is that the Elementalist stomps on the ground while in creates some earth spikes which impales out form the earth and have the them forces it to hit the target, it may also knockbacks them. The second hit is that the user slide kicks the target that also creates some jagged rocks on the ground to hurt any enemies who fell or stumble on them. The third strike is that the Elementalist pulls a boulder behind them from the ground to hurl onto the target while continued with the fourth and last combo with the user jumps and pulverizes the ground which summons some rocks to befell the target.


  • Among all of the Elemental Styles, the Fissure Style is one of the few which heavily based on Toph's earthbending moves in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • The Fissure Style is also one of the Elemental Styles to have a heavy allusion to Earthbender's fighting moves.