Flaming Style or Blazing Style (スタイルを燃える, Sutairu o moeru) is a Combo Mode ability which is induced by the Gifted with the Gift of Incineration. Several monsters also possesses this ability. It generally adds Fire-elemental damage to all combos.


Flaming Style adds the combo attacks of all ability with Fire-elemental damage. Like other Combo Mode abilities, it provides slight additional damage. Flaming Style adds 5 additional Attack power to stats, and the Fire-elemental damage along with it can affect the overall damage significantly depending on the enemy attacked.

When Flaming Style is on, blazes of flames appears around the user's hands(dominant appendages for various monsters). For units equipping weapons, the blazes only appears on the weapons, or the projectiles. Like other Combo Modes with elemental affinity, Flaming Style Mode is unusable when equipping weapons with elemental attributes.