The Flashed (フラッシュ, Furasshu) is a type of effect debuff to be known to makes the inflicted to have themselves blinded temporarily by a strong flash. It is typically Novae-property.

This effect only affects opposing party. This effect changes effect against Flying units to make them crashes.


Flashed makes the inflicted to be, well, stunned by a strong flash. The effect varies with the unit's visibility and the vision sensitiveness. Note that any unit who are Blinded or have no sense of sight cannot be affected by Flashed. Any units with the Blackhole status would nullify the effect as well, since it absorbs light. Units affected with Flashed may performs action, but cannot choose directions or sometimes just ignore commands.

Units with Flashed would be Blinded if exposed to more Novae elemental damage of effect.

Additionally, it causes the user interface to faze alternatingly from a whiteout to a black and white vision for a few seconds. This may actually affects the player's vision on their in-game-interface.


  • Flashed is completely derived from the effect from Flash-Grenades .
  • Unlike most games, which the flash can be seen, units whom are without any seen of sight or Blinded would not be able to see the flash via the in-game-interface.