Force Grapple (格闘強制, Kakutō kyōsei) is a combo ability which is highly exclusive for Intercentrers. It is highly usefull for it's throwing capability regardless of the target's mass or size.

Force Grapple have no obvious power, since that it uses Gravira magick to hold and throw a target. The user may uses Force Grapple on any type of enemies, regardless of their mass, size or even density. Even though that an Aetheral type enemies may be grappled, they would not receive any falling damage since they can control their gravitation on the ground.

The user holds onto the target as if preparing to grapple it to the opposite direction of their's facing. The user uses Gravira magick as default as they may hold the target to keep them above ground. As they holds onto the target longer, they will began casting Graviga to grapple an enemy. They will throw the enemy at certain range varies by the type of Gravity magick used and their mass and also size. The greater damage may be inflicted varies on the density of the ground in which the target landed on. Below are types of ground and the decreasing damage inflicted:

  • Spiky geography(crytal clusters, stalagmites, icicles and even broken shards of....)     <heavy damage>
  • Hard geography(rocks, glacier/icy rocks, wall, tree)
  • Hard grounds(dried grounds, frozen soil, artifical floors)
  • Cacti     <extra damage+random damage>
  • Semi-hard grounds(sands, garden soils)
  • Shallow...(water, marsh)     <random damage>
  • Soft grounds(grasses)
  • Puffy grounds(bushes, hays, clumps of leafs)
  • Safe grounds(ponds, rivers, some sort of mattress like synthetics)

While these types cause instant Death or Soulified

  • Lava
  • Abyss
  • Quicksands
  • Mesmerizing space gaps


  • Force Grapple is a grappling technique heavily similar to the judo martial arts.