School Fare Protagonist
Freesia RArtwork
Freesia Renata Ailanthus
Kana フリージア
Rōmaji Furījia
Sprites Undefined
Age 25+
Address Ailanthus's Bungalow, 15490 Shrapnel Heights
Team Undefined
Weapon Handguns (Bishop)

Poles (Bebuzzu)

Attribute Aether


Last Resort Superfecta Overdrive

Level Scathe

Original Appearance Naruto(Sakura)

Final Fantasy XII(Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca)

The 3rd Birthday(Aya Brea)

Class Astral Spirit


English voice actor(s) Yvonne Strahovski

Mandy Moore

Teresa Gallagher

 Freesia Ailanthus or by the full name of Freesia Renata Ailanthus is one of the supporting characters in School Fare. Debut about making her a main character had started since 2011. She became one of the main characters in the start of Chapter 3.

Instructor CardEdit

Freesia Renata Ailanthus is a rank A- Instructor and then exceeds to A+ rank under the Astral Spirit Master Class. She is one instructor that may take more than 10,000 hits! She may be the the least durable character yet, but her specials techniques is both powerful and inevitable.


Freesia Renata Ailanthus was born on 17th of September. She was born at London, specifically at Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. She is the daughter of the infamous cat burglar, Ridder Ian Ailanthus and the only child of Renata Aviré Cantabilé. In the early part of her life, her mother got divorced with her father as soon as Freesia was born. Ironically, while her mother moved to Paris where Freesia's father originated, her father moved to London as oppose to the fact they both moved in cross sections.

Since Freesia is a young child, she has white hair, white eyes, and fair yet slightly pale skin. Her mother was quite worried that Freesia could have a terrible disease or simply an albino. Yet to her curiousity, Freesia lead a normal and happy go lucky life of her own.

When Freesia is 10 years old, her mother had passed away while knitting on a rockchair. Freesia, to her despair, cried all day until her father, surprisingl shows up in front of the door of her house. Her father hugs Freesia as both of them feels sorry for Renata's passing away.

Freesia02 SF

Freesia's normal Instructor attire


  • Freesia is at it's earliest based on Sakura Haruno, but after several modification and reference, she is then based on Ashelian B'nargin Dalmasca and Aya Brea. Her real-like render is then based from the American actress, singer and dancer, Julianne Hough.
  • Freesia's party color, Vanilla and Scarlet is based from the commonly known Freesia genus, Freesia Alba and Freesia Laxa. Which both are white and red respectively.
  • Freesia appearance such as attire and accessories, has follow-up with Ashe's while her looks are majorly based from Aya's.
  • Freesia has her own Facebook account, like the others, she is someone that can also befriended with.
  • Freesia shares the trait to wear very large shirts while small leggings such as shorts, a trait owned by Zahasuki Harikuni.