The Frostbite (凍傷, Tōshō) is a type of status ailement commonly inflicted by Ice elemental spells and abilities varying with the probability.


The Jack Freeze , Tundra Wind and Glacier Blight abilities are the only known Ice -elemental ability to solely inflicts the Frostbite status. While other Ice-type abilities may inflicts it, but usually needs a high enough Focus and the targets' weakness to Ice.


Any units under the Frostbite status moves slowly, limping around and constantly have lower Speed and Dodge. While Evade are dispelled from the unit.


The status may be broken by:

  • Fire damage, deals damage and removes the status, but leaves them with Burnt instead.
  • A warm or tepid variation of Weather element will shorten the debuff recovery time.
  • The White Blood item heals Blood -type ailments.

To naturally heal from Frostbite, they unit must never be exposed to Ice-elemental damage. They will recover from it, but will limp around from the after-frost.


  • The study of biology may help increases Resilience against Frostbite.
  • Ice-elemental classes like Freezers and Frigists are relatively known to be immuned to Frostbite.