The Frostbreak (霜ブレーク, Shimo burēku) is a type of instant death effect highly exclusively inflicted by Ice elemental spells and abilities.

The Shatterheart and Diamond Dust ability are the only Ice-elemental abilities to solely inflicts Frostbreak. Very high level Ice-elemental offensive abilities can also inflicts it, but with a low chance.

The unit which are currently under Frostbreak effect seems to be weak, on their knees and shivering horribly. They will fall to the ground and die. Their body won't Mistify or Soulify however, they will freezes if not cared for.

The effect may be prevented by these statuses:

  • Burn
  • Phoenix
  • Paling

The unit which 'died' of their heart freezing will stay on the ground. They will freeze over time, however, they will be hardly rimed first before Frozen. They are much brittle during Rimed status, their body will disappear, and will Mistify after 1 minutes(sometimes vary).

Caution! If there are no allied units around or near the Frostbreak unit during the 1 minutes or after it will make their Mistified soul becomes an Ice Elemental.

To regain the unit's soul back(and turns them Soulified), the Ice Elemental must be killed.

If the Ice Elemental is let lose approximately 3 minutes and not killed, they become an Undine Entite, if left again for another 3 minutes, they become a notorious Hail God. They must be killed from Hail God to Undine and finally Ice Elemental to killed over to regain their Soulified.

This Frostbreak status is proven to be a pain if thought and underestimated.


  • Frostbreak effect is based on the death due to sleeping in the freezing condition. This is also called the hypothermia. This kind of death usually caused the lifeless body to looks like a doll, cold-lifeless doll.