The Frozen (, ) is a type of status ailment commonly inflicted by Ice elemental spells and abilities varying with the probability.

The Freezeblink and Absolute Zero ability are the only Ice-elemental ability to solely inflicts the Frozen debuff.


Any units under the Frozen status cannot move, due to their body frozen in ice. If the unit is frozen on a surface of water, they will float like iceberg.


The status may be broken by:

  • Fire damage, but it is sure to damage them.
  • Water element may thaw them out, but takes a few hit.
  • Lightning breaks the ice, but leaves the target with Flinched and Staggered.
  • The Regulator Slip, which removes thermal anomalies.

Naturally melted Frozen status leaves the unit with the Rimed status, which dramatically decreases their Focus, Synch and Speed as well as Dodge, Evade, Resilience and much longer Latency factor.