Like any other national school, Azure City Secondary or Azure High uses the gender>age categorization. This method of classification will improves the academic system, curricular system and the students affair acknowledgements.

Although, certain Class of students may choose in what category they may choose. For example like the fact that Annest, prefers herself included within the activities of most Female-D students even though that she is a Female-C student. This is because of her privilege as a Pseudo student, in which any Rare, Prodigy, Pseudo and Exemplar Class may choose any part of interactions.

This privilege surpass age restriction, in which that they may choose other more advanced activities or classes, they may improve themself better until Instructor or Master level.


  • Nonetheless, this system is a complete copy of the real categorization of gender classifications. Only that Azure High includes the privilege of greatly talented students to choose any interactivity they want without the limit to the difficulty.
  • The system was regarded as 'fickle' by several students in Azure Academy. It may due to the varying differences in their privileges and courses.