"Followers of ancient beliefs and the prophets to carry the name of Shintoism Gods and their virtue for humanity."

—Wikia Description

The Geomancer is a class in School Fare series. Geomancers movesets are geologically based, it's effect is highly exclusive yet useful. Their abilities may also consists of climate, temperature and weather condition for specific uses. Geomancers have alliance with the Tenders, Thermorator and even the several other class who associates with weather like abilities.

Their abilities varies on what type of geography they and their target are standing. For example, if a Geomancer is standing on a rocky/artificial ground while the target is standing on water, the Embrace ability will change to Dam's Embrace(specifically Earth combined with Water will change to mud). Also, if the Geomancer is standing on a grass, tree or some plant-type geography(including wilted leaflets) while the target is standing on a barren ground, grass or tree or rock, the effect will change to Life's Embrace. Some of their skills are somewhat very similar to the Tender's.

In battle, Geomancers are exclusive to use all their abilities variation in wide area of attack. The effects sometimes effectively powerful against certain enemies, inflict them with various debuffs yet somehow it cannot affect them. Their abilities varies by the surrounding geography, botanical intelligence and even meteorology to trully understand their potential. Certain abilities like their special attacks, all of them have effect varies on their target's nationality. So, one may want to study about their opponent's nationality to easily battle them.

Notable Geomancer is our very own Marian Delia Philip, while some other Neutralists are also Geomancers, but unrecruitable.


Move Jump Evasion Unarmed Attack Resilience HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Latency Spd
C C D 7 40 D C F D C D Slow 45%



Skill Type Property Specification Damage Effect Hits
Tropical Resort Magick Weather-Water/ Vegetation Deals damage varies on the targets' nationality to all enemies in range. Varies/B Weather Effect/ Soaked 5
Equatorial Storm Magick Weather-Water/ Sprout Deals damage varies on the targets' nationality to all enemies in range. Varies/B Weather Effect/ Soaked 5
Tundra North Magick Weather-Ice/ Wind Deals damage varies on the targets' nationality to all enemies in range. Varies/B Weather Effect/ Frozen/ Cold 5
Megathermal Sands Magick Weather-Wind/ Fire/ Earth Deals damage varies on the targets' nationality to all enemies in range. Varies/B Weather Effect/ Burned/ Hyperhidrosis 5


Geomancers uses their specialty to study about both nature and the current effect of the earth.

Skill Effect Level to Master MP Use
Shining Flare Deals Fire damage to all enemies in range using the sun's intensity. 4 15
Venom Squall Deals Water damage to all enemies in range and may inflicts Poison using the surrounding's haze influence and rainy weather. 4 15
Nature's Embrace* Deals Sprout and Earth damage to a single enemy when standing on natural ground. 5 10
Embrace Deals various combination of Embrace abilities varies on what ground the user and target is standing on. 8 12
Overgrow Deals random Amazon damage to all enemies in range. 10 14
Morning Dew Increases the potency of any Tender's ability in range. 11 18
Convective Rain Summons a rain cloud to deals Water damage to all enemies in range. Deals heavy damage to units' with Fever status. 15 27

King's Tide

Deals Water damage an greatly knockback all enemies in range extending line in front of the user. 17 27
Mist Storm Deals Dark damage to both HP and MP to all enemies in range. 19 30
Monsoon Deals Wind damage to all enemies in range and may inflict Soaked or Fliched status. 21 40
Fog* Summons foggy weather to minimize the Lightning elemental abilities and attack to all units at range. 23 24
Breeze* Deals random Wind damage to all enemies in range and may inflicts Agitated status using the day and night time. 26 25
Hail Storm Deals heavy Ice damage to all units in range and may inflicts Stagger or Stun using the rainy weather. 30 40
Clear Thunder Deals random Sound damage while heavy Lightning damage to a single unit currently at the highest altitude. 34 42
  • Note that even though Nature's Embrace is also concluded in the Embrace combination, it is an ability which can be used naturally without randomness.
  • Fog can be easily dispelled by strong Wind magick or Mist ability. Rainy weather will dispels them over time.
  • Breeze's damage varies on the location and time.

The combination for the Embrace ability:


Skill (Embrace) Combination(^ = user position) (+ * = target) Property Description
Nature's User and target(enemy) both standing on similar type of ground. Sprout + Earth Striking prickly vines
Earth's Soil^ + Soil or Rock^ +Rock Earth(Stagger) Impaling stalagmites
Life's Plant/Grass^ + Soil/ Rock Earth(Immobilize) Trembling and crushing ground and rocks
Herb's Grass^ + Grass/Tree Amazon[Leaf] (Heals HP) Overgrowing of fluffy herbs and grasses
Ivy's Grass^ + Grass/Tree Sprout[Vine] (Poison/Irritation) Constricting vines of poison ivy
Leaflet's Tree^ + Any other besides Tree and Grass Sprout[Leaf] + Wind(Fliched) Storm of leaves
Dam's Puddle^/Pond^/River^ + Soil Water + Ground[Mud] Drenching mud
Cavernous's Any other besides Rock^ + Rock Earth(Disable) Clashing stalaglites and stalagmites
Artifice's Artificial floors^ + Any Earth[Metal/ Brick] (Slow) Rumbling and crushing bricks and iron shards

Any^ + Pond/River

Water(Confuse) Devastating waterspout
Desert's Any^ + Sand Fire + Earth[Sands](Agitated/Burned) Searing heat of sands
Crytal's Sand^ + Soil Crystals Impaling crystals and then crushes
Venus's Grass(Bushes)^ + Grass/ Water / Ground Amazon[Vine] (Flinched/ Agitated) Snapping Venus Fly Traps/ Swallowing Bladderworts/ Contrsiting sticky Droseras
Rattan's Tree^ + Grass Amazon[Wood] (Slow) Whipping rattans
Mist's Pond^ + Grass/Tree Water[Mist] (Silence) Outburst of highly concentrated dew
Harsh Bark's Broken Tree^ + Any Amazon[Wood] Impaling-like thrusting tree barks


Skill Effect LP To Master
Hyperaction Stopped attacking when HP Critical, yet becomes very evasive yet also highly resilient and less SP consumption during it. 250
Counter Weather Avoids all weather-type damage and counter-attack with a similar ability. 300


Skill Effect LP To Master
Geomancy Void Halves all damage from weather, geomancy and nastical growth effects. 200
Embracer Convoy Embrace abilities have increased potency and higher chance to inflict debuffs. 500
Natural Subjugation Increases Focus significantly after performing a random numbers of Embrace ability. 400
Tree Hugger Increases Synch significantly with all Tenders in party. 300


  • Geomancers are complete reference to the Geomancers in Final Fantasy Tactics A2. With a much complex variation and explaination for their ability.