Gravity (グラヴィティ) is a spatial-type magick ability introduced and exclusively for the Gravinist class tree. It is known to be a Spatial-elemental Fractional Damage ability which may inflicts Gravitized to a several targets in a small area.


In the series, Gravity is a small, bubble-like sphere of magickal orb which pulls in any targeted beings. The magnetic pull is so strong that it actually damages their shape and density a bit.

There are two types of Gravity, the first one is originally a spherical orb that pulls objects into into, and may be increased in size as long as it is controlled. The modern version is now often conjured above the target, thus it has Dimensional range, the orb will falls into the ground to explode into a bigger attracting sphere, or it would instead hit a unit to cause it came crashing into the ground.

Like usual, Aliza and Farouq are the only playable characters that are unable to utilize magicks.


Gravity has no obvious power. It inflicts Fractional Damage by default of 1/6 of the targets' current HP. Making highly favorable to be use on high HP targets who serves as tanks. Gravity, like other Spatial-based magickal Fractional ability which inflicts the fractional damage quite differently based on the targets' size, mass and even density. Gravity is comparably weaker than Gravira and Graviga . Gravity cannot be reflected , yet it cannot be Magick Countered yet can be Rebound. As a Fractional damage magick, it is utterly useless against enemies of higher Level, Spatial-property enemies, Rank A and higher, enemies with Extra Large Size or larger and typically, Boss enemies.


Gravity, as a Spatial damaging ability, inflicts Fractional Damage varies by the targets' size, mass and density. The 1/5 Fractional Damage of any unscathed targets will damages them varies by their HP and the additional damage from their size. While any Fractional Damage using Gravity on any targets which already has it's HP reduced will still inflicts the targets varies by their HP by 1/6, but the additional damage inflicted varies on their mass and density instead(Size). It has inflicts half damage against enemies of Smaller Size and two times the damage against enemies of Bigger Size.

Apparently, any targets under the Disminished status will not received damage from Gravity, they are also dramatically hard to be inflicted by Gravitized status, that is, their possibility of receiving it becomes 5%.