Ice (冷, Rei?) is a recurring element in the School Fare series. It is one of the earliest elements introduced. Ice is often mistaken to be another form of Water . Instead, Ice-elemental magicks and abilities are formed by the rapid freezing of the air.

Ice is often in a form of extra cold and frigid air or even some ice rocks. Ice elements may leaves the targets with Frozen , Frostbite , Rimed or even Frostbreak if they are inflicted long enough or by an extraordinarily powerful Ice-elemental ability.

Ice is the opposition of Fire and Amazon .

Ice always inflicts Frozen or Rimed to Water and Amazon property units.

Ice-elemental units are weak to Lightning and Sound , which shatters them(reduces Vitality and Resistance) and even inflicts Withered and Exposed on them.

Ice spells which are still freezing the air or currently stocking itself in mid air may be easily crushed by Lightning and Sound abilities. Water effect will makes it instantly freezes and breaks while Fire will melts them.

Ice-elemental effects are dramatically weaker during Spring thaw.

Ice-elemental damages will freezes any Soaked targets.

Ice elements deals lesser damage to targets inflicted with Burn and Phoenix status.

Ice-elemental heals Ice elemental target with full power, they also increases their Resistance and Resilience.

Although Ice elemental damages deals solely Ice damage, some of them may be improved with the simultaneous colision with Water damage.


  • Although that magicked Ice are edible, they are unusually Umami and bitter in taste. Yet colder than water frozen with impurities.