"'The entire force of magnitude and spatial manipulator of Gravity who crushes their foe with the power of polarity.''"

—Wikia Description


The Intercentrer is a class in School Fare series. It is the advanced class after the Gravitice class. Intercentrer features a very impressive cirtical hit ratio upon their heavy damage abilities. Their high growth for Focus and Luck stat gives them very high advantage to deal massive damage with critical at most times. Intercentrer moveset seems to be all Fractional Damage type and large area effects. They also have supportive skills such as Degravitize which helps make other allies dodge if the user have good enough Focus and Synch with them. Internal Shock is also a reliable skill, but it requires a slightly longer cast time.

All of Intercentrers' abilities are area of effect types, except for the subset movesets such as Force Palm and Revertion in which target a single unit only. Most Intercentrers have additional access to other classes' abilities such as the Chronomists' skills.

Notable Intercentrer is our very own Annest Miguell, followed by other Neutralists such as Hideo Honda and Prskk Hawke.


Move Jump Evasion Unarmed Attack Resilience HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Latency Spd
C B D 6 40 D C D E D C Slow-Average 44%



Skill Type Property Specification Damage Effect Hits
Quarter Deflect Attack Gravity Deals four successive Spatial damage to a single enemy. Varies Fractional Damage 4
Force Grapple Attack-Magick Unarmed Overthrows a single enemy. Damage varies on what ground or object(s) they landed. C/Varies Overthrow 1-Varies
Matter Grave Magick Weapon-Versatile Inflicts Fliching while may also inflicts Stagger to all enemies in range. D Flinched/ Stagger 2


The force of pure magnitude and polarity which weaves and brings utter chaos of the space.

Skill Effect Level to Master Ink Use
Gravity Deals a 1/5 Fractional Damage to all enemies in a small area and may inflicts Gravity status. - 16
Degravitize Bestows a Degravitized effect to all allies in range. - 25
Gravedad Forces any enemies in range on the ground. Inflicts Downed and Stagger altogether. 7 22
Force Palm Deals a strong knockback attack to a single enemy which may also inflicts Stun. 8 20
Revertion Inflicts Outertia to a single enemy. 12 30
Gravira Deals a 1/5 - 1/4 HP fractional damage and will inflicts Gravitized status. 15 8
Quarter Clock Deals a 1/4 fractional damage and may inflicts Slow status. 18 14
Demi Deals a 1/2 fractional damage and may inflicts Gravitized status. 20 18
Polarity Syphon Deals a 1/2 fractional MP damage. 23 20
Internal Shock May inflicts either Blind, Flinched and Stun or all of them simultaneously to all enemies in range. 25 32
Gravity Flux Deals heavy damage to all enemies and inflicts Gravitized while Degravitized to all allies. 30 40


Skill Effect LP To Master
Crustial Degradation Greatly decreases any Spatial and Earth damage inflicted to self and any allies under Degravitize status. 250
Spatial Reflux Any physical projectiles that hits the user will be thrown or shot back to the attacker with a higher force. 350
Rebound Knockbacks or Flinching will makes the user bounce back and pushes away the opposite direction they were recoiled. 300


Skill Effect LP To Master
Zero Gravity Constantly have Degravitized effect on the user. 200
Crustial Interference Any ground that the user walks near to will either triggers and destroys certain traps. 250
Power Mass Gravitized and Degravitized effects significantly can last longer. 300
Spatial Hold Any action performed will makes the user levitates and ignores Knockbacks nor Flinchings. 300


  • Intercentrer's got it's name by the reference to the famous belief; "Center of the Earth". Their powers consists of manipulating the force of Gravity, in which greatly related to the factual gravitational pull of any large matter.
  • Since Gravity powers are scientificly unseenable, the fact about matters(atoms, molecules or any ionic compound) having the absolute spherical form gave out the idea to make Spatial properties to be black as the black holes and spherical as any stars or planets are formed.