Lightning (雷, Kaminari?) is a recurring element in the School Fare series. It is one of the earliest elements introduced. Instead, Lightning-elemental magicks and abilities are the constitution of pure plasma energy created by slight kinetic energy and plasma matters in any space.

Lightning is often in a form of 'lightning-fast' forked of electricity. Lightning elements may leaves the targets with Burn , Ashed, usually Electrocute  and even Jolted if they are inflicted long enough or by an extraordinarily powerful Lightning-elemental ability.

Lightning is the opposition of Ice , while has a high relation with Novae, Weather and Fire.

Lightning always inflicts Jolted and Electrocute to Water while Stagger and Flinched to Amazon property units.

Lightning-elemental units are weak to Atomic, which deionizes them(reduces Magick and Speed) and even inflicts Exposed and Disminished on them.

Lightning spells which are still 'forking' can be neutralized by Novae element. Fire effect makes them explodes while Dark absorbs them into the abyss(certain types of Dark-elemental abilities).

Lightning-elemental effects are dramatically stronger during rain or storms.

Lightning-elemental damages will Electrocute to any Soaked targets while Explosion to Oiled targets.

Lightning elements deals no damage to units with rubber or any electricity insulating gears or items while the effect are redirected to any lightning-rod material are within range.

Lightning-elemental heals Lightning elemental target or certain Machine Class units with half power, they also increases their Magick and Speed as well are reduced Latency. Units under the Electrified status may also heal from Lightning-based effects, their Strength and Speed increases dramatically after affected.

Although Lightning elemental damages deals solely Lightning damage, some of them may be improved with the simultaneous colision with Water damage.

Units or characters with Astraphobia biography are more susceptible to Lightning, and easily Staggered or Flinched by them.