School Fare Protagonist
Marian Delia Phillip
Kana マリアン デリア フィリップ
Rōmaji Marian Deria Firipa
Sprites Undefined
Age 16+
Address Famine Room, Moscivia Broockline House, Luke Junction 14467
Team Undefined
Weapon Fortnight Lit
Attribute Earth



Last Resort Shine, Vine, Brine and Moraine
Original Appearance Digimon Adventures

(Mimi Tachikawa)

Class Geomancer


English voice actor(s) Alyson Stoner

Olivia Holt

 Marian Delia Phillip or by her nickname; Lola is a supporting character in School Fare. She's a close friend to Florishe, but with a much opposite personality. She becomes a main character in School Fare 2: Comebacks.

"Cheese and noodles! Sorry, but Iv'e got to skeedaddle!"

Marian's quirkyness when greeted by Florishe while she was carrying some books for a teacher.

Student CardEdit

Marian Delia Phillip is a rank D+ student and then exceeds to rank C under the Geomancer Exceeder Class. She is usually fast in battle, but sometimes does things to her clumsyness that somewhat missfire on her own teammates. Although, she has a very keen way of sensing any enemies' movement, perfectly capable of detecting any stalking or ambushing enemies in Guerrilla War formation.



  • Marian's middle and last name was based from Zahasuki Harikuni's Christian name since kindergarten.
  • Marian shares the trait to laugh while covering her mouth, a trait owned by Zahasuki Harikuni.