Matter Grave or Under Earth (墓の問題で, Haka no mondai de) is an area of effect ability which is highly exclusive for Intercentrers. It is regarded as one useful technique to be be use to inflicts Flinched and Stagger to all enemies in range.

Matter Grave have no obvious power, since that it uses Gravity and Revertion magick to 'fluctuates' several enemies. Any type of targets are susceptible to Matter Grave, regardless of their size, mass or density. Matter Grave have a slightly longer cast time to use plus along with the weapon. 

Matter Grave may inflicts extra damage to targets with Outertia debuff. Different type of size, mass and density has different intensity of damage to targets varying with them.

Matter Grave cannot affect any targets with Gravitized status. Enemies specifically stuck to the ground can't also be affected by Matter Grave respectively. But may still be inflicted with Stagger or Fliching debuffs.

Matter Grave's SP and MP consumption increases with the target's size, mass, density and even how long that they have been 'fluctuated' in mid air.