"Lunch at my favourite place to eat, the Mess Hall! Or was it the cafeteria or the chow hall? Lunchroom?"

—Annest being quirky and repetitive about what the commissary is called

The Mess Hall or officially known as the Commissary is a must-have primary facility that is one of the most prominently visited by the students in Azure City Secondary. Unlike the Cafeteria (or canteen), the Mess Halls provides a scheduled menu of food variations like salads, chowders and even sandwiches. Thus the fact that is a mess hall, all of the managers are floors and tables cleaners and the lunchladies or cooks.


At all time, the Commissary is run by the workers without rest but with shifts. The most numbers that the school may have for the Commissary workers are 5-7 in each Mess Halls. Sometimes the schools would have extra helps until 10 people to work in a Mess Hall.


The Mess Halls are exceptionally very large, centered and surrounds the Sorority Seats which is the center of the school.

Each Mess Halls have their own name, one is Alpha Mess Hall(famous one), Zeta Mess Hall(most visited) and Omega Mess Hall(lovely one). All three of the Mess Halls have a premise length of 665 ft(200m) x 332 ft(100m) and the height of 100 ft(30m).