The Miasma (瘴気, Shōki) is a type of problematic debuff most notably to gradually saps the unit's HP all the time.

The effect may inflicted to any party.


Miasma is not to be confused with Sap. Miasma damages the unit's HP the whole time and damages HP based on the unit's maximum HP(2% max HP each half seconds). The unit's Resilience is drastically enfeebled.

Miasma is the opposite of Sap . It's possible to have both statuses at the same time, HP recovery or debility is ignored however.


When on is inflicted with the Miasma status, their whole body will be overwhelmed by a swirling, dense purplish black clouds with some red 1 dimensional effects that seems to seeps out the blood out of the target.

When both Miasma and Poison status are together, the target would instead will be overwhelmed by a very dense, viscous fluid that moves about the body.


It is also possible to have Miasma with Poison in the same time, both of them may be acquired if Miasma is inflicted first. Both of the statuses will disappear if the unit had been inflicted by Convalescence status. Sap on the other hand, replaces Miasma debuff.


  • The Miasma is derived from the black cloud which sometimes called as "miasma". A miasma can be classified as a plague which transfer through the very air.