Natural Resistance (自然抵抗性, Shizenteikōsei) or Natural Endurance in the European translation, is a support ability highly favorable Support Ability for the Elementalist class.


Natural Resistance significantly increases the passive Resistance of the user after receiving an elemental damage.

After receiving an elemental damage, the user's passive Resistance against any magick will increases dramatically for a short period of time. The specific amount of magickal resistance varies with the level of the magick. For example:

If Fire is used on a unit with Natural Resistance, their magickal resistance against Fire is increased by 15%. Hence, each level of magick has a 15% factor of magickal resistance against it;

(Level 1 = 15%, Level 2 = 30% Level 3 = 45%, Level 4 = 65%).


Note that Natural Resistance duration time varies with the unit's Resilience. With higher Resilience, it may last longer. Note that every 7 points of Resilience adds in 1 second of Natural Resistance duration.

Natural Resistance allows the last 3 elemental magick damage on the user to be resisted dramatically, while the redundant damages will strengthen the Natural Resistance factor.


Any simultaneous elemental damage would not triggers Natural Resistance. Although, for any Level 5 elemental magick, will only gives out a magickal resistance of 65%.

Note that any interaction with any Save Points except for Logbooks, Journals and Diaries will reset the Natural Resistance.


  • Natural Resistance is based on the Active Natural Immunity medical system. After being sick of an ailment, the body will develop a much greater immunity level in which the type of ailment would not affect them anymore. The ailment would returns if the patogen has also developed on it's own.
  • Natural Resistance is based on Resistance in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.