Natural Shift or Natural Reversion (自然復帰, Shizen fukki) is a combo ability which is highly exclusive for Elementalists. It is regarded as a set-up for a better and much significant use than Elemental Shift.


Natural Shift has a power of of 20(Attack) in total of each physical hit, this means the fifth strike isn't exactly a damaging hit, since it only changes the target's elemental resistances. It is set to have the outmost maximum combo hits of 5 for Elementalists. It is highly unfavorable, yet since it doen't requires cast time unlike Elmental Shift, it's uses is much faster yet may be more efficient. The hit range is within Melee-range, finished with the attack-based Elemental Shift magick. If the user has insufficient MP at the last combo, the Natural Shift will only be equivalent to normal attacks.


Natural Shift consists of four weak combo attacks. The first attack is that they force palm their target up front as if to push them back, it may also knockback them. The second hit consist of a round kick while continued with the third strike in which the Elementalist uses their other leg to perform a butterfly kick. Note that if the user is attacked in the time of butterfly kick, the combo will be cancelled as the user also falls down. The fourth strike is that the user performs another force palm continued with the last strike in which the user uses the Elemental Shift magick to exchange the target's elemental resistance to be weak against the last elmental properties that had landed on them(this effect excludes Holy, Photon, Blood, Sound, Psychic, Dimension and Spatial elemental shifting) by casting the spell without cast time.

Unlike their predessor, the Elemental Shift , Natural Shift will makes the target to be weak against the last elemental damage they received. In conclusion, if multiply elemental damage in inflicted on them simultaneously, tthe Natural Shift would also makes them weak to all of them. Note that Holy, Photon, Blood, Sound, Psychic, Dimension and Spatial effect will be ignored.


  • Natural Shift is an allusioned ability to be a completely derived and upgraded from the Elemental Shift ability.