School Fare Protagonist
Nerelana Agatha Panchoute
Kana ネレア
Rōmaji Nerea Panchou-te
Age 16+
Address Room 46, Daymon's Stops, Luke Junction 17092 Bayne Hills
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Weapon Knuckle Knives (Fulmine)

Rubber Whip (StrocKing)

Attribute Lightning
Last Resort Thunder Rounds
Original Appearance Kingdom Heart series(Larxene)
Class Voltagernist
English voice actor(s) Shanelle Workman

Grey DeLisle

"Keep your time, and make it yours to control!"

—Nerela's quote about Promptness

Nerela Panchoute or by the full name of Nerelana Agatha Panchoute is one of the protagonists in School Fare. She is known to be Larxene's somebody, before engulfed into the darkness by the Dark Devourer. Her quotes are about 'Promptness' and 'Resoluteness', she represents Zahasuki's hasty and rather irritable personality.

Student CardEdit

Nerela Panchoute is a rank C- student and then exceeds to B rank under the Voltagernist Exceeder Class.


Nerela has two Battle Roles, Assaulter and Saboteur. Her AI Role by default is Vanguard, which means she usually assists all front-line attackers.


Name Type Command Description
Quicksilver Ground-Rapid Analog Up+Attack Performs an blinding fast attack that can break Guards. Upon successful break, Nerela will performs quick, multiple jabs at the enemy.
Thunder Fang Aerial-Ballistic Analog Up+Attack Nerela teleports above her nearest enemy facing upside down, then creates a strong spark with her hands causing it to explode at her foe below. Deals Lightning damage.
Lightning Bolt Ground-Rapid Analog Up+Selective Conjures a small, short-living lightning orb that jolts an enemy at front. May combo if the first hit is struck.
Satellite Storm Ground-Tactical Analog Down+Selective Nerela contact her friends at the Weather Maker Institute to conjure up a storm on her command. She signals by sending off a sigil that upon triggering, send down a violent thunderstorm upon the unlucky enemies. Deals Lightning damage.
Electrocute Grounding Aerial-Bombastic Selective Nerela throws her pocket knive to an enemy. She then calls forth a lightningstrike to strike her on-hand weapon. The lightningstrike creates a grounding effect, where both of herself and the enemy struck with the pocket knife to be struck by lightning. Deals Lightning damage to Nerela as well.
Back Attack Ground-Tactical Analog Right/Left+Attack Upon an enemy's attack, instantaneously teleports behind them for a back attack.
Down Attack Aerial-Tactical Analog Down+Attack Upon an enemy's attack, instantaneously teleports below to strike them from under.
Charge Thrust Aerial-Ballistic Analog Up+Selective Performs a spinning charging attack that lets Nerela tracks the target vertical first, then charge at them at blinding speed within a short range.



  • Nerela is somehow based on the Kingdom Hearts series 'Larxene' for her 'somebody'.
  • Nerela's name is literally the anagram of 'Larxene'.
    • Despite that, Zahasuki Harikuni was never exactly satisfied that the group name Larxene's somebody persona as "Nerela".
  • Unlike her Kingdom Hearts series counterpart, Nerela is much more open-minded and friendly, but less intelligent.
  • Nerela's looks are slightly younger and much more blonde than golden.
  • Like in Kingdom Hearts series, she is a mean and short-tempered person, but much more nicer to her friends and accomplishes.
  • Nerela shares the trait to keep quiet in a conversation unless an opinion is at hand, a trait owned by Zahasuki Harikuni.
  • Nerela has her own Facebook account and like the others, she is someone that can also befriended with. Her FB account name is "Nathania Raphael".