Quarter Deflect or Gravity Strike (四半期そらす, Shihanki sorasu) is a combo ability which is highly exclusive for Intercentrers. It is regarded as a set-up for a much more distinctive and passive Spatial damages.

Quarter Deflect have no obvious power, since it is based on the Gravity magick, each strike would have probability between 1/10 to 1/6 Fractional damage. Quarter Deflect has a set numbers of combos hits of 4. It damage any enemies in range in front and around the user as it have Circumferential hit style. Note that each consecutive hit's will grdually have a lower probability to have a bigger fraction of Fractional damage. And with more enemies are hit with each hits, the smaller the Fractional damage inflicted.

Quarter Deflect consists of four combo attacks. The first strike is that the Intercentre cast Force Palm using their right hand, it always knockbacks enemies in front. The combo is continued with the second hit with the user charging a sphere of magick with the left hand which inflicts fractional damage as they pounds the target. The third strike is that the user performs an uppercut using both their hands then claps to the sky to cast a surrounding explosion of Gravity spells which damage surrounding enemies in a Circumferential hit style. The fourth and last attack is that the user will stay in mid air while casting a greater sphere of Gravity magick. Note that if the user is attacked in this combo, the user will fall and the combo will be ended. The last combo may be charged as long as the user may, then, the user will releases a large explosion of Gravity magick around them as they pulverizes to the ground.