The Quicken (速める, Hayameru) is a type of beneficial buff most notably to drastically increases the unit's movement speed and lessen their Latency and recharge time.

The effect may be inflicted to any party.

Quicken is not to be confused with Haste . Quicken doesn't increases the unit's Speed stat, it only decreases Latency by 50% while reduced recharge time of(several) abilities by 50%. Movement speed are also increased by 2 meters of stride per second.

Quicken is the opposite of Delay , if Delay is inflicted during Quicken, both statuses neutralizes each other. If Stop is inflicted, the target will Stop, Quicken is dispelled.

If the unit is still Hasted even in Stop, the Stop status is lessly prolonged.

It is also possible to have Quicken with Haste  in the same time, both of them may be acquired if Quicken is bestowed first. Both of the statuses will disappear if the unit had been inflicted by Slow or Delay status.