Rain is a type of weather in which the current state of the area is raining with highly condensed clouds.


Rain is a type of condition in which the weather occurs in cloudy period, sometimes during sunny time. While it commonly occurs in time with cloudyness, it may also occurs in a form of convective rain.


Rain's condition always cause the decreasing of the humanoid character's Focus. Movement speed may also be decreased if the rainy condition is combined with windy.

Rainy weather may also comes along with a random lightning strike. The lightning's violence are highly fatal.

Stormy weather will dispel any unit's Focus and Synch.

While both common rain and convective rain would result in Fever status, convective rain weather have a higher probability for it.


Rain condition would gradually yet weakly restores HP of any unit who absorbs Water elemental effects.

Rain randomly increases the potency of Water-elemental abilities in range of 9% till 19%.

Rain's Focus decreasing property is ignored by units who are under Waterproof status.


Rain may be commonly created by Water-ability users.

Example for the abilities are Brush Envoy's Deluge, Geomancer's Convective Rain and Pierphione's Famed Squall.