Reservoir (貯水池, Chosuichi) or Conservation in European and Japanese translation, is a type of Support Ability.

Description Edit

Reservoir decreases SP and MP consumption by 20%.

If the user is under other buffs which gradually generates their SP or MP, Reservoir will not work at all. Such buffs are Vigor and Trance, respectively. Reservoir's effect does not stacks with Adrenaline.

Even so, if the user is under debuffs which gradually drains their SP or MP respectively, Reservoir would reduces SP and MP consumption significantly by 40% instead. Such debuffs are Effete and Nethified.


  • Reservoir is somewhat based on the Half MP passive ability that has been in the Final Fantasy series.
  • Don Follonece, Fens Jyuno, Hazeal Galvionez, Lindsay Montagnard and Freesia Ailanthus are the only characters than cannot learn Reservoir by any means. Although, they may still still equip the Preservation Choker to have the Support Skill.