The Rimed (霜, Shimo) is a type of status ailment commonly inflicted by Ice elemental abilities as well as Cold Percipitations.


Any units under the Rimed status moves in a 'sluggish' movement, each time they move or perform an action will causes the rime to fall off: this will reduce the duration of the status effect. Like most ailments, the unit's Focus and Synch is reduced. Rimed reduces both Focus and Synch by 2% for each two seconds of its duration respectively.

The Blizzard Garb bestow nullification from Rimed as well as other Hypothermal anomalies.

The Frost Globe item summons a variety of Cold Percipitation that may inflicts Rimed as well as other Hypothermal anomalies.



The ailments allows the unit to receive Ice-based healing by 100%, simply doubled in power. Ice units receives another 200% healing from Ice-based healing as well. When Rimed, it removes any Hyperthermal anomalies from the unit. Additionally, Ice units which is inflicted with Rimed has a boost in Vitality by 15% in cold weathers while 5% in other weather.


Rimed is a type of Elementally Biased Status Effect, and such it's disadvantaging effects is only viable against units not of Ice-affinity.

Units inflicted with Rimed receives an increase damage from Ice-elemental abilities by 20% as well as Cold Percipitation by 10%. Units affected by Rimed during a hail or snowstorm will experience a great deal of hardship if stormed by Ice-elemental monsters. They also experiences a reduced in Movement Speed by 10% as well as increased Latency by 20%. However, despite being an Elementally Biased Status Effect, Ice units still experience a reduce in Movement Speed(only by 5% instead).