School Fare Card-O!! is a trading card collection based on the School Fare series. It is the first collection, so it is mostly used for training beginners and novices.

Any card battles only consisting Nacre Cards, Argentum Cards, Ivory Cards and Aventurine Cards are classified as novice-experienced level for the TCG.

Game IntroductionEdit

The School Fare Card-O!! TCG version is the most recommended School Fare TCG for begginers and still-novice.


All of the cards in deck bought will only consists of Common and sometimes Uncommon cards. That is, the deck and Boosters are cheaper than the other two collections.

  • School Fare Card-O!! collections comes in Decks and Boosters.
  • In Decks, they are 20 cards mostly with basic cards. In Boosters, they are 15 cards with more tendency of getting better cards.
  • The collection have a balance sets of Duel Cards, Tactical Cards and Meister Cards.
  • All cards are normally 1st Forme, which are basic and not too strong.
  • All cards prerequisite are easy to handle, and Lucky Fluke & Faulty Cut chance are higher.
  • The tendency of obtaining new variety of Nacre Cards and Silver Cards are quite high.

Chalk CardsEdit

Silver CardsEdit


  • School Fare Card-O!! was originally a name for the TCG, but changed into a collection of the cards instead.