School Fare It;s soo ON!! is an online fighting-hack and slash-shooter game that serves as a spin-off series of the School Fare 2: Comebacks. The game has two major modes, a 3D platform-style and 3D open map, followed by plethora of game modes such as ring-style battle, monster hunting, and dungeon-crawl. Zahasuki call this game, "An arena of modes and styles".

Playable Characters Edit

During the very start, all main characters in School Fare are available, although some main characters that doesn't star in every series are excluded such as Ellie Waynright and Raoni Hibikuni. Each characters are customizable with different attires, hairstyles and equipping battle styles. In this game, it features a customizable character that the player may incorporate as their very own, in similar feature like ones in Soul series.

When first playing, players may actually 'buy' a character FOR FREE at all, which will in turn grant them access to that character's {character name} Tutorial. Unlike normal tutorial, it features a more specific tutorial, with awesome tricks and skills that may be exploited. This would also allows the player to gain additional two extra attires for that character, hairstyle not included. Other characters purchased later also includes their own tutorials, but with no additional attires.

Name Portrait Role
Marryl Sheffield Stormer, Saboteur
Annest Miguell Codico, Sniper
Nerela Panchoute Assaulter, Saboteur
Myde Mozanned Assaulter, Sangeur
Hanare Magoitou Assaulter, Executor
Wirtz Landbeur Stormer, Triage
Fens Jyuno Vanguard, Executor
Farce Courshic Stormer, Sniper
Aliza Norish Assaulter, Codico
Terukiwa Hamiwa Vanguard, Saboteur
Terukiwa Hato Phalanx, Triage
Marian Delia Phillip Phalanx,
Florishe Jill Carter
Hazeal Galvionez
Zeph Galvionez
Kinetsu Suruhoshi
Farouq Al-Naufal
Lindsay Montagnard
Ten Yi Ania
Kim Craufowrd

Characters AcquisitionEdit

Every playable protagonists in the original School Fare 2: Comebacks are available at the start for selection in a battle room. However, other characters are instead purchasable through DLC pack or in-game store via Fare Points and/or Mega Points. Antagonists are also purchasable, although their cost are much greater than protagonist and neutralist characters.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay differs greatly with different game modes.

In-the-Making Notes Edit

School fare It's soo ON!! is based on various online games with the classical and unique gameplays such as Counter Strike, Little Big Planet and Super Smash Bros series. In the current production, Zahasuki had been hoping to team up with various game developers to star their characters in the game, although this is still just part of an idea.

The gameplay modes doesn't just force the players to team up other players as battle with and against CPUs are always possible, yet this only allows for less points awarded.