"This status serious wound and cause permanent scar upon one's burnt mark." —In game description

The Scorched (スコーチ, Sukōchi) is a type of status ailment commonly inflicted by Fire-elemental spells and abilities varying with the probability. They are not to be confused with the Burn status.


The Scorch ability is the only known Fire-elemental ability to solely inflicts the Scorched status. Other Fire-type abilities may also inflicts it, but usually needs a high enough Focus and the targets' weakness to Fire.

Scorched status has two levels, minor and major.

Any units under the minor Scorched status have their body with burns, usually not too serious, and caused by a tentative Burn status.

Any units under the major Scorched status have their body with serious burns, may cover up to the entire parts. Normally caused by a prolonged Burn status.


The status may be broken by:

  • The White Blood item heals Blood-type ailments.

Recovering naturally from Scorched status takes an outrageously long time. If the unit rinses or soaks themself in a tepid-cold water, they would take less prolonged Scorched status.


  • Like many comical games, if one subject is inflicted by a fire effect, they would be blacken, as seem that they are burnt. Scorched was directly based from those features.