Secret Entity (秘密の実体, Himitsu no jittai) or Ancient Entity in the Japanese translation, is an illusion-type magick ability introduced and highly exclusively for the Elementalist class. It is known to bestow one random buff on any allies while inflicting one random debuff on any foes in range aorund the user.


In the series, Secret Entity is a powerful illusion created variely by the user to affect allies and enemies base on what side they're on. When casted, a heavenly creature somewhat like a dragon within the illusionary blurr will confronts any allies in range around the user to bestow blessings on them. On the contrary, enemies will be confronting a wicked witch also with illusionary blurr laughing and casting some wicked curses on them to create chaos.

Secret Entity bestow allies in range around the user with one random buff while inflicts one random debuff on enemies in range around the user. It is highly favorable to be use. Elemental Shift cannot be reflected , it cannot be Magick Countered yet Rebound.

Aside from it's highly favorable uses, Secret Entity won't 'coincidentally' replace an opposite debuff of an ally. For example; Slow to be countered with Haste, Slow will still be around, in conclusion it only makes the target in their own normal motion. This goes the same with enemies. If, for example; they already have Haste, when Slow is 'coincidentally' casted on them, both of them sticks around, in conclusion makes the target only to be in normal motion. Note that any buffs or debuffs casted by Secret Entity has a Spellbound effect, which makes them sticks around longer. Secret Entity cannot inflicts any buffs or debuffs without it's counterpart, like Doom and Stop. Ironically, Secret Entity may casts Spellbound on any side, which makes the buffs or debuff by it to stick around in a ridiculously long time.


  • Since Elementalist are regarded as well as called as 'Shaman' in certain version of series. Secret Entity is granted for them to compliment that sort of talk about them.