Serenity Chant (静穏聖歌, Seion seika) or Serenity Song in Japanese and European translation, is a highly favorable Reaction Skill exclusive to the Elementalist class.


Serenity Chant has a 50-50 chance to nullify the next magickal elemental damage or to absorb it instead.

Note that Serenity Chant will not be in Reaction when the magickal elemental damage is other elemental ability that the Elementalist doesn't have affinity to. They are;

  • Holy
  • Ice
  • Psychic
  • Spatial
  • Amazon
  • Nova
  • Dimension
  • Blood
  • Sound
  • Atomic
  • Celestial

Any elemental damage which landed on the user that corresponds with Nullify or Absord won't trigger the Reaction. Only Normal, Halved and Weak will be under Reaction.

Ironically, any elemental damage inflicted using weapons or items won't trigger the Reaction. Serenity Chant only reacts to magicks.

Although that Weather, Illusion and Aether elemental are not officially mastered by any Elementalists, they have slight composition with their prominent magicks, since for example Evil Gaze is a pseudonal ability of both Dark and Illusion, Illusion does not comes out from Elementalist's capability.


When the Serenity Chant effect is activated, the user's entire body will glow in conjunction with the elemental magick color scheme.


  • Elementalists are weaver of elemental powers, their weakness is what's naturally neutral, passive and nontheless not special.
  • The Serenity Chant was somewhat derived and made as the opposite of the Geomancy Passive ability in Final Fantasy Tactics A2. It was Rihozue Aiomuki's idea as he wanted it to be an allusion.