"Devoters of ancient holy arts and the bane of evil of ancient times beyond the phase of peace."

—Wikia Description

The Shinto Priest or Priestess is a class in School Fare series. Shinto Priests have impressive drawback to physical combats, but true resilients against the baneful beings. All of them use prayers to smite their foe with powerful magick, according to them(ironically) the longer their prayer is, the greater the effect. Their movesets are highly limited, making their use as primary conjunctions almost pointless. Shinto Priests are one of the tough advisary in battles for their highly impressive Resilience.

They usually use prayer items such as prayer slips, rosaries or chant tamaguchi. Their have impassive power, so they longer their prayer, is how much power they can ask. Some of their techniques are somewhat based on the Brush Envoys , probably because both of them believers of Shintoism. Also, they have Shinto Devotion A-Ability, so they also use Ink Gauge in battle.

Notable Shinto Priests is our very own Raoni Hibikuni, there are some other Shinto Priestess, but greatly opposed to the main characters.


Move Jump Evasion Unarmed Attack Resilience HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Latency Spd
D C C 5 75 E A F D B B Slow-Average 43%



Skill Type Property Specification Damage Effect Hits
Wyrm Bolts Attack Rosary Deals multiple combo hits to all enemies in range. Varies Wide Hit 2-21
Exorcism Hold * Special Prayer Slip Holds the target using Prayer Slips , may inflicts Addle to Undeads . -/A Immobilized -Disabled 5
Railing Silver * Special Umabari Deals multiple consecutive damage to a single enemy. D Tactical Strike Varies
Hidden Blade * Attack Ninjato Deals several consecutive dimension damage to any foe in range. Must be equipped with any Edged Weapons . D Quick Attack 3-7
God's Struck Attack Ninjato Deals damage to a single enemy by teleporting above them and thrusts to the ground. C Teleporting Attack 1
  • Exorcism Hold's longevity for holding down an enemy varies with type and numbers of Prayer Slips equipped.
  • Railing Silver's potency varies on what type of Umabari are equipped.
  • Hidden Blade's cannot be used if the user is Slowed.

Prayer ArtsEdit

Shinto Priests their long training to smite down the evil among mankind and deliver truth to them.

Skill Effect Level to Master MP Use
Cloudy Smoke * Summons a huge smoke to the whole area. Rendering whether-type abilities to be absorbed by it. 15 1*
Fallen Deals decent damage to a single target, may inflicts Sleep . 17 10
Darkness Hold Summons a prayer circle on the ground, destroying any evil intentions of anyone who enters it for a while. Deals damage to Undeads and Demons. 20 30
Echo Heal * Bestows Dexterity and heals a decent amount of MP to all allies in range around the user. 20 17
Chime Jolt Deals Sound damage to all enemies in range and may inflicts Audisonic. 22 20
Slip Trap Summons all the Prayer Slip equipped to scatter all around in the area. Deals damage to any enemies attacking near it. Varies 23
Pike Foot Bestows Fleetfoot and enables the user to stand over water and also air for a while. 28 30
Slip Shelter Bestow Regen and Protection up to 3 ally units nearest to the user.
Trancial Stop time to see all that is currently happening. Detects debuffs and hidden debuffs. 29 36
Sacred Chant Heals a moderate HP to all allies in Melee-range around the user. While astounding HP healing to Celestial Brush Gods . 37
Tamaguchi Bestows Hype to the user and allies around them. Varies 29
Kagura Dance Perfoms a dance which bestows Hype and Lucky Strike to all allies. Varies 45
Hall of Mirage Creates an illusionary field to friend and foe alike. Bestows random buff to all units. 40 42
Hystericalism Inflicts Delusional and Trauma to all enemies in range. User's Focus will be  lowered. 45 38
  • Cloudy Smoke abilities cannot absorbs windy wheater-types since they will be gone after any Wind property gets in contact with them.
  • Cloudy Smoke uses Ink Gauge instead.
  • Echo Heal won't heals allies with Audiblank , but it removes it.

Apparently, Shinto Priests have an additional A-Ability to use.

Shinto DevotionEdit

Trainings with the exclusive art in which every Shintoist must understand to rid the world from utter oblivion.

Skill Effect Level to Master Ink Use
Recollection Bestows Ink Regen to the user. 10 -
Refraction Covers an ally in range for three times. Nullifies Light property attacks for the user while it heals the protected ally. Must equip a Reflector . 18 -
Bladed Agony Deals a very fast attack which ignores Reaction skills while also dealing heavier damage varies on the Reaction skill ignored. Must equip a Glaive . 20 -
Rosary Burst Deals heavy damage to all enemies in ranged varies in what quantity the Rosary equipped and how many hits which enemy. Must equip a Rosary . 23 -
Constellation Jolt Deals decent damage to a single enemy with multiple hits varies in how many stars drawn. Only works to the last target inflicted by Ink Smudge . 20 2.5
Split Shard Uses the Reflector to deal massive damage to a single enemy. May also leaves the target with a Stun. Must equip Reflector as sub-weapon. 25 -
Clashing Thrust Ride on the Glaive to deal heavy damage to a single enemy. May also leaves the target with a Fliched status. Must equip a Glaive as sub-weapon. 25 -
Cluster Flare Readies all of the Rosary's bead around the place to deal a massive damage to a single enemy. May leaves the target with a Down status. Must equip Rosary as primary and sub-weapon. 26 -
Praises Increases an ally's Focus and Synch with the user. Varies Varies
Emanation Summons a Celestial Brush God to battle. 32 7


Skill Effect LP To Master
Reverence Any Celestial Brush God and Brush Envoys in the field who received any debuffs will be helped using either Echo Heal , Sacred Chant or Kagura Dance . 500
Auspices Always automatically guards any allies in range from Dark property and any attacks from Undeads or Demons using Slip Shelter . 350


Skill Effect LP To Master
Swift Prayer Prayer Arts take lesser time with approximate potency. 300
Sweeping Feet Faster and longer range of dodging. 250
Inclination Increased the chance to inflicts debuff to all allies in range. 350
Transcendence Praises ability will have increased potency and may bestow random buff. 350


  • Most of Shinto Priests' abilities are completely reference from Evil Rao's battle tactics in Okami.