Sliprain (雹の雨, Hyō no ame) or Hail Rain in the Japanese translation, is a weather-type magick ability introduced and exclusively for the Elementalist class. It is known to be a Water-elemental damaging ability which usually inflicts Sink on all enemies in a small area.


In the series, Sliprain is a magick in which the Elementalist may simply chant or dance to summons a black cloud in the air. Then, the chant onto the cloud to make it condenses water onto itself while forming up a large waterball. The waterball then is commanded to befall the target chosen. The water property is unusually concentrated yet saturated, somewhat gelatinous. The water will seeps slowly into the ground while turning it's property highly loose and viscous, which makes the ground becomes like a quicksand.

Sliprain magick has the base power of 50, it's power varies on the target's density and size. The ability hits any enemies within a small area, the magickal comes from up above, so if there is some other things above the target, the water may or not soaks them instead. Sliprain cannot be reflected , yet it can be Magick Countered but not Rebound.


  • Hence their name, Sliprain ability is based from it's glory by the Elementalist jobs in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.
  • Sliprain ability in Japanese translation uses Hail Rain instead.