School Fare Series Monsters
スチリギダホ (Suchirigidaho)
Rank D+
Type Attribute
Docile Flying
Class Property
Avion Neutral
Genus Element
Strigine Wind
13 - 21
732 - 844 59 - 90
SP Reach
{{{SP}}} {{{Rch}}}
Latency Movement Speed
{{{Ltc}}} {{{MS}}}
Strength Magic
15 - 30 19 - 24
Defense Resistance
14 - 28 {{{Resistance}}}
Vitality Speed
23 - 36 30 - 45
Attack Dodge%
27 {{{Dodge}}}%
Dexterity Evade
{{{Dexterity}}} {{{Evade}}}%
Resilience% EXP
{{{Resilience}}}% 103 - 131
CP Gil
30 15 - 45
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
Weak 20% Weak 76% Weak 26% Misses
Wind Earth Dark Holy
Absorb 100% Nullify Resist 50% Resist 75%
Psychic Spatial Amazon Novae
Nullify Misses Misses {{{Novae}}}
Dimension Blood Weather Aether
Weak 100% Resist 33% - Resist 50%
Sound Atomic Celestial Temporal
Misses Weak 60% Nullify {{{Temporal}}}
Bestiary Location Highness Corner
Location Highness Corner(Order Altar)

Reaver Stormstones(Crackling Rocks)

Amp Plains(High Point)

Common Steal Avion Feather
Uncommon Steal Sky Ceffyl
Rare Steal Strigifoma Talon
Common Drop Avion Feather, Broken Talon
Uncommon Drop Broken Talon
Rare Drop Ruffled Tailwind
Very Rare Drop Ruffled Tailwind, Strigifoma Talon
Card Drop Strigidaho, Avion Order
Common Poach Feathery Plate
Rare Poach Deadeyes
Attacks Slash, Aerial Wind, Fleeting Claw, Swallowtail
Abilities Aero, Aerian Soul, Aerial Kill, Death Dive
Innate Abilities Dodge, Parry, Hasting, Counter, Critical Shift
Immune to Berserk, Infatuation, Blighted, Stumped, Flinch, Slow, Immobilized
Other Information Cast Haste whenever is attacked, will cast Haste again when the effect has been removed

 The Strigidaho is a Strigine/Avion type enemy in the School Fare series. They are docile, yet easily provoked and always casts Haste on themself when that happened. It is only located on several locations, Highness Corner, Reaver Stormstones and Amp Plains. Like all of the Strigine, Strigidaho will always cast Haste on itself. The first meeting with Strigidaho will have an event in which the Strigidahos are chewing on some fishes by the river.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

Strigidaho has a heavy physical appearance of an eagle-owl. They have a pointy sweep-to-the back 'tuft on their head. Their 'eyebrows are like opera masks, fluffy with feathers are covers up the big eyes. Their breast are like the topknot kerchief which are dirty brown, yet iridescent. Their wings are heavily like a large cape, which covers up to their swallow-like tail. Their feet have four frontal digits while two on the back. Their talons are huge, and carved in an embroidery design.

Page 2: ObservationEdit



Strigidaho are mostly solitary, yet some of them harbors themselves inside some of Strigine's nests.

  • Strigine's Tree (Low)
  • Tree Leaves (Average)


  • Strigidaho is based from the owl's order under the scientific classification. Their name are the combination between Strigiformes/Strigidae and the japanese word, "daho" which means seizure, capture or captivity.