School Fare Protagonist
Ten Yi Ania
Kana 十易阿尼亚 (Simplified)

十易阿尼亞 (Traditional)

Rōmaji Shí yì ā ní yǎ
Sprites Undefined
Age 17+
Address Sakura's Room 11, Fun Lin Do Sha Bathhouse, 10433 Kim Pa Lao
Team Undefined
Weapon Claws



Attribute Undefined
Last Resort Demon Blow
Original Appearance Undefined
Class Immoblitzer
English voice actor(s) Undefined
Ten Yi Ania or simply referred as Yi Tien is one of the supporting characters in School Fare. She only serves as a Guest character, and also teaches the player about Guests.

"'Le Hao Mha', I am from China~, OK that was a bit weak for the first impression..."

Yi Tien as she tries to speak in English dialect with a bit of Chinese style...

Student CardEdit

Ten Yi Ania is a rank B- student and then exceeds to B rank under the Immoblitzer Prodigy Class. She may has slow running speed, but in deflecting and parrying attacks simply with her palms and counters by striking at their weak and both vital and fatal nervous points.

Appearance and PhysiqueEdit

Yi Tien is a normal heighted teenage Chinese girl at her peak of 5 foot pass. She has curled hair that bobs her head and also put her hair in buns with the glass hairpin. One and most stereotypic and common known traits about her is that as a Chinese, she covers a bit of a Malaysian Chinese and as typical as she is is, she has partially covered eyes and black slick hair. Her skin tone is slightly one of the whitest ever in the school, it is also known that she once like to dressed up as martial artist in 'bihaku' make ups. Yi Tien wears the qipao in the most common cheongsam style, keep it short by her hips and both scarlet and navi blue in color by the sleeves. Like most close-combat fighters, it is essential for her to wear gloves, respectively some black palm gloves.  She wore a starp of common weatern belt tied with a cloth resembling hankerchief folded nicely. Her boots are yet distinctive as it is imported from the Western provinces.



  • Ten Yi Ania's physical feature is slightly 'stolen' from Chun Li .
  • The Pulse Render class for Yi Tien is based on the arts of 'Dim Mak ' and the 'Qigong '.
  • Ten Yi shares the trait to play with her hair, a trait owned by Zahasuki Harikuni.